Welcome to the Mercury Cougar XR-7G Registry

Mercury Cougar XR7-G Registry

The purpose of the Registry is to record and document information about Mercury Cougar XR7-Gs.  We feel the Registry serves an important purpose because of the XR7-G’s historical significance, their increasing rarity and the lack of accurate information about them.  The accuracy of the information in the Registry is ensured because it is actually based on the cars, themselves.

The information we seek to record about each car in the Registry includes: VIN, owner, location, factory equipment, and current condition.  The Registry also contains copies of original titles, bill of sale documents, pictures of these fabulous automobiles, and letters from owners describing the cars and their experiences with them.

The XR7-G Registry was started by a Cougar Club of America member in the mid-1980s and has been handed down through several Registrars since then, all of whom contributed to its content.  I became the Registrar in 2000 and my first act was to contact Kevin Marti (Marti Auto Works) to arrange the purchase of and a license to use the data from original Ford Motor Company computer production records, which Kevin is licensed by Ford to distribute.  This data allows me to verify the authenticity of every XR7-G, which I will do at no cost for an owner of record.  I can also verify correct door data plate information from the production records.

The specific information about individual cars and owners in the XR7-G Registry is confidential and will only be distributed to XR7-G owners who have registered their cars.  We are, however, more than willing to share the general information about XR7-Gs we have learned from the Registry and other reliable sources.  That is one of the reasons we developed this web site.

Currently, the Registry contains information on less than one third of the 619 XR7-Gs produced.  While a goal of 100% is unrealistic, simply because many of these cars no longer exist, we would like to include as many Gs as possible.  If you own an XR7-G and it has not been included in the Registry–or if  you aren’t sure–please contact me with the car’s VIN via the e-mail link below.  If the car is not in the Registry, I will ask you for additional information.  If your car is in the Registry, you are entitled to any of the registry information at my disposal.

Mercury Cougar XR7-G

Should you be contemplating purchase of an XR7-G, please consult with the Registrar before you complete the transaction to be sure you know what you are buying.  There have been cases where G clones have been represented as the real thing.  We can help you avoid falling into that trap.  I also recommend that you contact Kevin Marti for a report detailing your car’s history from the Ford production database.  Kevin’s reports begin at $17–a very reasonable price for the information and peace of mind they give you.  You may contact Kevin at Marti Auto Works.  Finally, if you have information about the whereabouts or history of any XR7-G, please contact me through the XR7-G Registry.

Thank you,

Royce Peterson

XR7-G Registrar

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